aka MK

  • I live in Southern Finland
  • I was born on January 24
  • My occupation is Student, historian
  • I am Male
  • RaggaR

    Update 14. The most hyped update to date. Why? Kubrows, player ships, who wouldn't love all that?

    Too bad that once again, everything in this game is broken or confusing.

    First of all, we had a tutorial for the most basic mechanics we learnt year ago. Why didn't we get a guide how to use the new squad system? Kubrow eggs are a major grind. I have done over fifty missions and going to do more. I've destroyed probably over two hundred dens with no luck. Not a single damn egg. Am I supposed to buy it, because I though I could get it without spending my money on it.

    Infested changes? They broke the hell out of it. I got used to killing infested ancients with two shots even if they are level 50 or more. Now? I spend entire clip on one while they …

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  • RaggaR

    Scott: "Yes, we're kicking around tying game types that you do early into the high level end game system. So for example, if you rescue the guy he gives you the piece of a component that allows you to create an item to upload your Specter. In order to do that, you have to play other mission types or low level clan members can contribute to the bigger clan war by playing those missions and then donating their items to the clan."

    - Devstream 27.

    After reading this, I thought about it deeply but ignored it soon. As I was just playing a capture mission, I had an idea - if rescue missions would yield us components to upload spectres and set defences to the solar rails, why not have similiar capture missions. Only they would be slightly different.


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  • RaggaR

    If you aren't a rambo frame who only likes to run through every mission with your soma on fire, have you noticed one thing the enemies are severly lacking: interaction with basically anything else than player characters.

    I once thought, why not have a grineer marine just sitting on that crate, maybe talking to a friend who's standing below him. Or just leaning to a fence, looking down. There's a lot they could be doing, talking, sitting on benches, leaning to walls, checking monitors, searching for their stuff at lockers, maybe even a trooper flirting with a scorpion? Possibilites are limitless.

    There's a lot of interesting thigns going on in the tile sets if you just look around - monitors, the space outside, supply lines, machinery, etc... …

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