Scott: "Yes, we're kicking around tying game types that you do early into the high level end game system. So for example, if you rescue the guy he gives you the piece of a component that allows you to create an item to upload your Specter. In order to do that, you have to play other mission types or low level clan members can contribute to the bigger clan war by playing those missions and then donating their items to the clan."

- Devstream 27.

After reading this, I thought about it deeply but ignored it soon. As I was just playing a capture mission, I had an idea - if rescue missions would yield us components to upload spectres and set defences to the solar rails, why not have similiar capture missions. Only they would be slightly different.

First of all, construct a new clan dojo room - Prison room. There, you could start a capture mission that would spawn you and one target in a random tileset with random faction. It should be much more difficult that a normal capture due to its nature of yielding important componets for defences.

As you have completed the mission and extracted the target, you can find him (or a copy of him) in your prison inside your dojo. Next, you would ask nicely where they're holding the orokin elements that are used to control the robotics or hologram technology inside the solar rails.

After you learn of their location, you will be given the ability to start a raid or hijack mission from the same place you started the capture one. The raid/hijack, like the capture, should be a lot harder than normal missions.

What do you think? Would this be just more grinding into the already grindy system of warframe or would it actually feel like you're doing something useful and then get the reward after completing this long journey instead of always sacrificing your rare cores to RNG gods for better loot?

I want to hear your opinions.

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