If you aren't a rambo frame who only likes to run through every mission with your soma on fire, have you noticed one thing the enemies are severly lacking: interaction with basically anything else than player characters.

I once thought, why not have a grineer marine just sitting on that crate, maybe talking to a friend who's standing below him. Or just leaning to a fence, looking down. There's a lot they could be doing, talking, sitting on benches, leaning to walls, checking monitors, searching for their stuff at lockers, maybe even a trooper flirting with a scorpion? Possibilites are limitless.

There's a lot of interesting thigns going on in the tile sets if you just look around - monitors, the space outside, supply lines, machinery, etc...

So why not have unalerted enemies interact with all this fascinating equipment? I, personally, think it'd be a great addition to the game. Instead of running through an empty, blank environment, it could be full of life and happenings.

More animations would also be nice. Think about your warframe, stabbing a grineer from the behind, who sitting on a bench. Next, the face of his friend, who was sitting right next to him as his buddy was gutted with a plasma sword.

Like the title already stated, there is it's own downside. Many players like shooting everything on sight, so all this would go unseen for majority of people. Only a few, like me, who enjoy seeing what's happening around them, would actually see what's going on.

What are your opinions on this?

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