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Update 14. The most hyped update to date. Why? Kubrows, player ships, who wouldn't love all that?

Too bad that once again, everything in this game is broken or confusing.

First of all, we had a tutorial for the most basic mechanics we learnt year ago. Why didn't we get a guide how to use the new squad system? Kubrow eggs are a major grind. I have done over fifty missions and going to do more. I've destroyed probably over two hundred dens with no luck. Not a single damn egg. Am I supposed to buy it, because I though I could get it without spending my money on it.

Infested changes? They broke the hell out of it. I got used to killing infested ancients with two shots even if they are level 50 or more. Now? I spend entire clip on one while they seem to share auras that turn away all damage done to chargers, leapers and runners. No damage dealt to them, even with Penta.

Speaking of volatile runners, they seem to be reverted back to their old ways. They blow up upon death, dealing massive damage. The only problem is their range. I stand up in Orokin Derelict Defence, yet all the runners blown to death seem to keep killing my sentinel. It doesn't even make it to wave 10...

Crashes occur more often, dialogue repeats itself with the kubrow mission. I don't find the egg but Lotus always states that I have. I've heard those lines over fifty times. I can't handle it anymore.

Although the game is broken, in many froms unplayable once more, lets face it. The new update is pretty. The player ship looks very good. The ships flying outside it, those planets you orbit. The new UI feels like you aren't playing. It feels like you are actually there in the ship. Too bad they don't seem to operate as easily as they used to. They shake continuesly, the mod inventory blackens most of the mods which confuses me. I almost accidently fusioned overextended...

Conclusion, in my opinion, is that DE should concentrate on small projects. Not lob everything together and break everything that wasn't already broken. The game, at least for me, feels unplayable by a long shot...

See you in three weeks, Warframe. I hope you get better by then.

I'm gonna miss you... <3


I've noticed, I didn't even need to wait weeks. Merely days. DE has gotten quite a lot of fixes out. Most of my rant can be denied now as these problems no longer exist.

However, I felt necessary to make this edit for one reason. I noticed few people saying that the infested buff is the right direction. Buff is needed, but not this kind.

Ever felt annoyed by the fact that everyone has Boltor Prime? I have, (note: I have nothing against the weapon. Its overuse irritates me.) and a health/armor buff doesn't help. It only makes me want to grind for the weapon again. It feels like I am punished for trying to use any other weapon than the best. It is not the right direction.

Some problems with kubrow egg drop rate and squad system still feel clunky, but I think DE can sort it out. It's not like they left any bugs unnoticed that came with Update 13..?

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