So it seems a blueprint for the frost prime isn't the only thing we won when the extermination event succeded (besides the 100k creds).

The image they showed us when they announced the victory has some nice peaks at 2 news weapons it seems. The most apparent being the scythe! Also there's a pistol that I don't recognize.

They both look like their Prime as well considering all the gold. At least the pistol is decked out in gold and almost has to be a prime. Even though the scythe is decked out in gold it might could be either or, but considering the "prime" theme of this picture, betting prime.

Frost Prime Scenic

Frost Prime

Update 8 is getting exciting. Especially thinking of the all the orokin-centric themes of it.

Edit: someone over on the regular forums thought the stock of the gun he was holding is rather long so it might be a long-gun.

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