Really obscure peice of wisdom upcoming, so sit down and hold on to your chair:




Seriously. OK, so I know it's a starting weapon, but still, that's no excuse for it to be worse than useless (for which read: useless pretending to be useful). That's my opinion.

I propose to design a handgun which will fit in the Lato's space, ie. fairly fast semi-auto fire rate, relatively (note the 'relatively') low damage per shot, above-average accuracy, reliable, nothing special. No idea what to call it.

Some starting figures:

18 damage per shot, split evenly (6/6/6)

5.0 Fire Rate

18.2 Accuracy

12 Magazine Size

1.8 Reload Speed

10% | 1.5x Crit

5% Status

Mastery Rank 1.

It's not as powerful as the Lex. It's not at Viper-speed firing. It's pretty accurate, and does fairly low but usable DPS with little overkill. This is basically a sidearm defined.

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