So I was thinking about whether or not I should actually be smashing up all this stuff and killing so many people in Warframe, and had an unusual melée weapon idea I'd like to share with y'all. Please do not take it too seriously.

Name: Frango (lit. 'I break')

Description: While this weapon lacks any potential whatsoever in normal attacks, it is redeemed in its ability to knock down targets on charge attacks and to finish off enemies quickly.

In other words:

- Fairly slow normal swings which do very little damage but stagger enemies on every hit.

- Charge attack swings downwards (onto a potential victim's head), causing a 100% Blast proc (ie. knocks them down) and also does very little damage. The same applies for slide/wall attacks.

- Ground finisher, in which the Warframe kicks the victim in the ribs/head/groin/etc., is very fast and deals high damage.

- Impact-oriented, with no Slash or Puncture damage.

Appearance: It's an aluminium baseball bat, because you are now, officially, a Space Delinquent.

Now take this idea and apply the same frame of mind to a Kogake.

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