Since Melee 2.0, the Furax and Ankyros have identical stats bar attack speed (wiki hasn't been updated yet), and very similar (if not the same) resources used in crafting. They both cost the same number of Credits to make.

Given that, thus, the Ankyros costs the same but is outright better than the Furax:

Why should you use the Furax?

Admittedly, owners of the Furax pre-update 13 may already have several Forma / a catalyst / etc. on them, thus making them far better than a stock Ankyros. Faster speeds also means combos are harder, and they may well have different Stance polarities. But even so, at baseline and modded - Ankyros beats Furax hands down.

Is there any reason to use the Furax, or should you just get the Ankyros? Leave thoughts/opinions/reasons below.

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