• Rammex

    Conclave Loadouts

    September 15, 2013 by Rammex

    I recently wrote in the comments section on the conclave page about an idea I had. Decided to make a blog for it to get more attention! I am very new to editing wikis and such but heres what I had in mind.

    A page for Conclave Loadouts so to speak, were people can make and add their builds with a certain warframe,mods weps yadda etc similiar to the Dark Souls wiki. (This is what I mean.) Something similar here is what Ive had in mind. Example!

    Loadout Name: DOOMber CP: [Insert number of Conclave Points]

    Warframe: Ember, Mods: World on Fire +2 Default Helmet.

    Primary: Hek, Mods: Point Blank Max, Flechette+3

    Secondary: Lex, Mods: Zoom Max, Barrel Diff Max.

    Melee: Dual Zoren, Mods: Fury Max, Shocking Touch 0.

    Tips and Strat: This builds is what I useā€¦

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