I recently wrote in the comments section on the conclave page about an idea I had. Decided to make a blog for it to get more attention! I am very new to editing wikis and such but heres what I had in mind.

A page for Conclave Loadouts so to speak, were people can make and add their builds with a certain warframe,mods weps yadda etc similiar to the Dark Souls wiki. (This is what I mean.) Something similar here is what Ive had in mind. Example!

Loadout Name: DOOMber CP: [Insert number of Conclave Points]

Warframe: Ember, Mods: World on Fire +2 Default Helmet.

Primary: Hek, Mods: Point Blank Max, Flechette+3

Secondary: Lex, Mods: Zoom Max, Barrel Diff Max.

Melee: Dual Zoren, Mods: Fury Max, Shocking Touch 0.

Tips and Strat: This builds is what I use to kill low levels who have no clue what they are doing! Pull out Lex at start and SNIPE THEM. They wont see it coming! While they are recovering run in for a quick Hek-to-the-Back and see em DESPAIR!!!. Finish with World on Fire incase they are still alive!!! THIS BUILD WILL NOT FAIL YOU!!!

End of example. I made it a tad jokishly but you get the point! (I hope.) Also something important to mention might be Catalyst and the like but since CP tend to go very high I didn't write about em. Ideas/Suggestions/Critiscism is always welcome. See ya around!

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