• Raptros

    Warframe abilities

    March 16, 2013 by Raptros

    Not sure where else to post this...

    As I've been aquiring new warframes and ranking them up, I've come to notice something about their abilities...

    Most of them, turn out to be kinda useless...

    Now hear me out on this, 

    I've aquired a Excalibur, Trinity, Frost, Ember, and soon to be Nyx.

    What I;ve come to realize is that most of the abilities that these warframes use, just turn out to be either underpowered or totally situational.

    Excal is the most useful. The only ability of his I don't use is radial blind, since it doesn't last all too long.

    Trinity's Powers are far too focused, imo. The target she paints usually dies before anyone can really benefit from it. Her ult is probably her most useful, but I'm not sure I even want to supercharge her f…

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  • Raptros

    I haven't snooped around a lot, but I've been hearing rumors of a level revert once the game releases.

    That's no problem to me, personally. I don't mind ranking back up, really, I don't, but what I'm really afraid of is gear reverts, or account reverts even.

    I've actually went out and bought some plat. 10 bucks for 170, hell, why not, right? Once I heard of the revert, I was afraid for not only my plat, but the stuff I bought with it.

    Normally, I save it for cheap and easy catalysts and cells, but I ended up buying a Trinity helm, which I love.

    Did I make a grave mistake? IS my stuff, or even my account going to disappear? I'd really rather not have bought gear, only to have it disappear upon launch.

    An unranked Excalibur and Trinity, no proble…

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