Not sure where else to post this...

As I've been aquiring new warframes and ranking them up, I've come to notice something about their abilities...

Most of them, turn out to be kinda useless...

Now hear me out on this, 

I've aquired a Excalibur, Trinity, Frost, Ember, and soon to be Nyx.

What I;ve come to realize is that most of the abilities that these warframes use, just turn out to be either underpowered or totally situational.

Excal is the most useful. The only ability of his I don't use is radial blind, since it doesn't last all too long.

Trinity's Powers are far too focused, imo. The target she paints usually dies before anyone can really benefit from it. Her ult is probably her most useful, but I'm not sure I even want to supercharge her for it. My teammates hardly need healing anyways...

Frost's abilities are a hit and miss. Freeze is usually squandered if you have teammates, since everyones shooting everything. Icewave doesn't do jack, especially against Grineer. Snowglobe is great for defense as well as melee offense and his ult is pretty great if you max it.

Embers a bit differernt. Fireball seems to be weak as is, and if you miss, the AoE never really happens, for whatever reason. Overheat is amazing for Infected. Fireblast is on and off, Most of the time, nobody really goes into the small flame ring. Its Damage area seems small. I've often noticed grineer sitting almost completely in the flames, without taking damage. I haven't used World On Fire yet, but I hear its very powerful, but you have to run up to each person you want to damage. Kinda goofy, but I can work with it.

I have yet to use Nyx, but played with someone who used her quite often. He was telling me that he really only used Her ult, rarely, and her ability to control multiple enemies at once. He was telling me her other abilities were borderline useless.

Why are some ability types much stronger than others?

For example, Ember's focused ability, Fireball, can't hope to stack up to Ash's shuriken. 

I can't really speak for other warframes, but I hear a lot about how other abilities are kinda sub-par as well...

If I can think of some off the top of my head, they would be

Volts shield ability, Loki's radial disarm, Mags first 3 abilities (Bullet attractor is quite situational, but can be made useful in conjunction with Excaliburs Radial Javelin, since it attracts the spears.)  and Rhino's Radial Blast.

I mean, I have a R30 Boltor, it's my main weapon. I can kill just about any enemy, excluding bosses, fairly quickly. What makes any of my abilities surpass that in terms of usefulness? Sure, my ult usually can destroy crowds of people, but surely that can't be the only use, right? Why launch a fireball if my Boltor can handle everything? Personally, it feels a bit disappointing in the fact that these awesome, flashy abilities are negelected because of their overall weakness or situationalness. It just feels like Empty content.

Again, this is all from what I've experienced and from what I've heard from other players.

So tell me, am I doing something wrong, or are most abilities just somewhat useless?

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