• RavenCorus

    Nezha's Water Park

    July 30, 2017 by RavenCorus

    A while ago, I posted Dreaming Before the War, which was about a dream I had about warframe. Commenters seemed to enjoy it, and I agreed that I would post another if one ever came. Luckily enough, one came.. it could have been better, but it's what I got, so..

    In this dream, Warframe managed to grow so much as a franchise that they actually made their own theme park. I would compare it to Disney World, but that would be an insult to its size and immersive design. I went into the the park as I would go into any game, in Public mode, wearing Nezha. Yes, when you're in the park, you're wearing a warframe, weapons and all.

    I enter, a screen ahead of me shows a trial screen, and the names of the fellow Tenno who are entering with me. These were s…

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  • RavenCorus

    Hey Guys!

    I've been grinding a lot due to my excitement for Tennocon. My mental involvement in the game has come to such an extent that I've been dreaming about the game, my mind making up the lore that fills in the blanks between now and the war. A friend told me to post about this, so here it is. In my dream..

    I wake up and it's already 3 in the afternoon.

    Shit! I'm late! I log into Warframe after activating the promo code for Digital Access pass and see that Baro is on the Pluto relay. I know that I won't have enough ducats for everything he has to offer, so I don't go to buy from him just yet. Looking just to the right of the front console, I see notifications for Tennocon, and I also see that there is a new mission available for 3 days t…

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  • RavenCorus

    The Alt-Fight

    November 26, 2016 by RavenCorus

    In comparison to many of you, I am still a noob, a fledgling, a puppy among wolves. Still, I love talking with you. When I was introduced to this game, I quickly noticed that people often cling to their choice of frames and tools. At first, I thought that Frost Prime would be my "main". I was a bit stubborn in thinking that Frost, Dread, and Redeemer was the best combination in the game, and that nothing could be better. After realizing that I haven't even unlocked half of the frames, my dedication took a staggering impact.

    I hated Limbo, now I love it. I hated Loki, now I love it. I hated Trinity, now I love it. The way I play is drastically different to the way I used to, and it makes me want a new game within this game. According to the …

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  • RavenCorus

    Pets of Prey

    November 7, 2016 by RavenCorus

    I like Kubrows and Kavats, but it seems like there is little diversity in companions, as opposed to the sentinals. The species are certainly different, but you still only have the choice between one or the other. There could be more kinds of companions to bring around, like birds, or like little aliens, and that got me thinking.

    Imagine being able to have an infested themed companion! It wouldn't just be putting infested armor on your already existing pets, it would be an entirely new pet. I already have a fun idea for what it could be and how to require it.

    You're in an invasion, when you hear the Phorid screaming in the distance. You dash into its lair and appear on the other side of the room with a dead Phorid lying on the ground, mangled…

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  • RavenCorus

    I've been enjoying trying to figure out the Grineer and Corpus bosses political affiliations since I began the game.

    So far, it seems to me that most of the games bosses lean toward the authoritarian areas, and libertarian characters seem to be characters allied or sympathetic to the Tenno (like Darvo or Teshin).

    I really can't wait for The War Within, because I am really expecting a bit more political development in the system. Could the Grineer and Corpus actually work together to fight for something in their mutual interest? Could someone like Sargas Ruk become a vigilante for the sake of fighting a more personal battle with Alad V? These are the things that come into mind when I imagine the possibilities of the characters in the future.


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