Hey Guys!

I've been grinding a lot due to my excitement for Tennocon. My mental involvement in the game has come to such an extent that I've been dreaming about the game, my mind making up the lore that fills in the blanks between now and the war. A friend told me to post about this, so here it is. In my dream..

I wake up and it's already 3 in the afternoon.

Shit! I'm late! I log into Warframe after activating the promo code for Digital Access pass and see that Baro is on the Pluto relay. I know that I won't have enough ducats for everything he has to offer, so I don't go to buy from him just yet. Looking just to the right of the front console, I see notifications for Tennocon, and I also see that there is a new mission available for 3 days to people who got Tennocon passes.

Clicking on the event in the star chart menu, I see 2 animations, just like you would see when clicking the sortie. First, I saw an animation from Vor on Earth, then an animation from Jordas; niether have dialogue. The event has multiple stages, like the Quest for Nidus does. On the way to the first mission, on the landing craft loading screen, the Orokin script interferece happens, and we land on Earth. Something is different than normal. There is still orokin script on the screen, appearing and disappearing seemingly at random. It's a capture mission, so we move ahead disregarding the anomaly. After progressing forward, it's apparent that we haven't seen any grineer yet. It's already half way through the map, so something is definitely different. Finally, we see our target. It's an infested charger, and it isn't running away. After capturing, we go on ahead to leave the map. In the next room, where we normally extract, we see our Liset. It looks exactly like the tile set that we see when we first start the game, only cleaner. Approaching the Liset begins a cutscene, in which we board and the screen fades to black.

What the hell. The screen fades back and we are on the liset, like at the end of the War Within. We still see orokin script periodically appearing and disappearing. Our cephalon welcomes us, and.. he's perfectly normal. No crack, no insane tourettes. It's name isn't even Ordis, it's just "Cephalon". Moving to the back of the orbiter, we see that the infested door is clean. We walk in and see the charger that we captured laying on a patch if infested growth in the back of the room. Coming closer, we hear a voice like the Helminth welcoming us home. The screen fades back to black and the mission finishes. When we're back on the landing craft again, Ordis asks if we're feeling okay, and a transmission comes in from the Lotus, apparently, she lost contact with us.

The second mission is the mission with Vor in it. Strangely, when we go to that mission, we aren't on any Earth tileset, but on the Grineer Galleon. Again, we see orokin script, but this time we actually have enemies. We get a transmission in from Hunhow. He doesn't adress us directly, but talks more as if he's speaking to a crowd, saying that we can't hide forever. Going forward is like any assasinate mission would be expected, but this mission also shares one resemblance to Vor's Prize; he won't die. He escapes and we continue off to extraction, it's a normal extraction this time.

The mission is over, and we're back on the orbiter. Another transmission comes in from the Lotus, this time seeming worried that we've lost contact twice. Another transmission plays; it sounds like helminth, but with a quiet distorted voice.

The Third mission has a long cinematic scene, which shows a Tenno in his orbiter, observing a metallic-looking piece of infested mass from behind a glass enclosure with an open door. The mass speaks, and asks about the tenno's day. The two talk to each other as friends would. Suddenly, everything starts shaking. Then, a big crashing sound. The mass starts to sound panicked. The tenno nearly falls over, then he runs out the room. On his way out, he tells the mass

"you take over until I get back, okay?" and then he picks his warframe and exits the orbiter. This mission is almost like an archwing survival in free space, only there isn't anything damaging you over time and no capsules. You just keep killing and killing enemies. If you don't last 10 minutes, you fail the mission. If you last 10+ minutes, you pass, but you're still going to die eventually. it's essentially just a challenge to see how long you can last. Enemies are both grineer and corpus. When you die, you get another cinematic which shows a scene of the infested mass growing our of its enclosure and spreading to the rest of the orbiter in what seems like a time-lapse. Then there's a scene with an orbiter with large areas of infected mass, and then a voice similar to both Jordas and Helminth saying "When will you return?" and the mission completes.

The event reward is an infected cephalon in the helminth room. It has a score board, like Suda has in her room, but it also gives quests for some kind of infested medallion and a shop for infested-themed decorations, fasion accessories and mods. Similar to the shop and ambulas animos from the recent ambulas rework.

I like that I have intricate dreams, but I like it even more when it actually sounds like something that makes sense when I wake up. Obviously, we don't have in-game reason to think that Jordas exists because of a friendship between a tenno and infested, but it's not really impossible that the first infested space craft was, and that led to more crazy versions like Jordas.. I love lore.

I'm sure one of you older players know stuff that I don't about Jordas and the old war, and could tell me what more probably created jordas, so do it! I want to know :) I also want to know what warframe-related dreams or lore ideas you have had. Seriously lets just talk about lore forever please xD

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