I've only been playing this game for two months, and I am certainly pleased with the experience.

I was trying to think of some things that be added to the game, and I thought of some things.

Sometimes, I really need to use a specter while I'm doing excavation or devense missions, and I noticed that they never really go to a place that I want them to be. I figured it might be really helpful to be able to actually direct the specters to stand at a specific spot, instead of just leading them to a general area and have them stay. Also, especially in excavation, it could be supremely useful to have a specter pick up an item for us. Imagine going solo on an excavation and directing your specter to pick up power cores from the ground for you while you fight. Technically, this might not even have to be limited to just specters. It could be that in syndicate missions, you could also direct your operatives to pick up items or go to specific spots.

I had another idea for a warframe that is based on the sun. If would have a very high power stat, okay shields, low armor, and  low health. Its abilities would be like having another weapon. The first ability would be that it shoots small, weak bits of energy like a pistol. Second would be like shooting a shotgun. The third would be like shooting a weak sniper, but it also leaves a trail of fire on the ground beneath its path that lasts a few seconds. The fourth move doesn't do any damage, but it makes it so your next attack has a 100% chance of status effect. Maybe that's a really stupid idea, but I'm still relatively new, so I don't know. It just sounds like a frame with built in guns would be pretty cool.

Something has been poking at mind ever since I got to venus. It started to actually bother me a little bit when I got to Jupiter. Why is it that wherever we go, be it a small moon, a giant gas planet, or a literal void, we consistently have the same speed and jump height? It's not like I really want it to change, but I would really like there to be some form of canon justification for it somewhere in the game. Maybe our frames are suited with technology that adjusts to the gravity that we are stuck to or something. Even that was the case, a tenno would theoretically be able to alter it and go beyond the adjusted limitation.. Am I the only one who has been thinking about this during play?

One more little thing that I think could add a bit of challenge.. In capture missions, you need to take the target alive, but he can't die, and we don't even have to take him to the extraction. What if we actually had to pick up the target (making us slower and unable to parkour) and if he gets hit by enemy fire enough, we actually had to put him down and heal him. It would definitely make extracting the target more of a team effort, instead of just running and jumping without a care in the world.

What do you guys think? All horrible, unsalvagable ideas? All wonderful, flawless ideas?

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