A while ago, I posted Dreaming Before the War, which was about a dream I had about warframe. Commenters seemed to enjoy it, and I agreed that I would post another if one ever came. Luckily enough, one came.. it could have been better, but it's what I got, so..

In this dream, Warframe managed to grow so much as a franchise that they actually made their own theme park. I would compare it to Disney World, but that would be an insult to its size and immersive design. I went into the the park as I would go into any game, in Public mode, wearing Nezha. Yes, when you're in the park, you're wearing a warframe, weapons and all.

I enter, a screen ahead of me shows a trial screen, and the names of the fellow Tenno who are entering with me. These were smart Tenno, they all had the foresight to bring the best frame, just like me. The three that I started with were noobs, all of them. None of them any more than MR8.

COUNT DOWN. 10.. 9.. 8.. as I Pendulum Narta in anticipation. 7.. 6.. 5.. It's opening day of the park, and [DE]Rebecca is looking down at us from an orokin spectator room. 4.. 3.. 2.. This is going to be fun.

1! I bolt straight ahead, not knowing what is past the screen. Noobs in my dust, I pull out my dread and leap into the first area of the map. Earth Tileset, night, Grineer enemies as normal, but there are stone pillars here. The design is dilapidated and cracked, clearly resembling roman architecture, but it can only be assumed to be Orokin in origin. Through the broken pillars, I see grineer pacing back and forth, clearly on alert. The string on my bow is pulled, enemies in sight. slash! Two grineer stuck to the mountainside by one arrow, and another with its back sheathing my Dark Dagger. The noobs finally catch up, and we're all ready to jump.

We hurry out of the first room and into the next. Still the same tileset, still the orokin pillars, some broken on the ground, but this room is much wider. Two noobs rush ahead, to the left, one stays by my side. Something isn't right here, there's an ominous feeling, and there are sounds nearby that sound like hisssss'... 'Infested? here? Grineer enemies stagger out from between the ruined pillars, masks broken, armor torn. Bow drawn, heads in my crosshair. We unleash our frenzy of fire, and rip them into pieces. The two hasty tenno return, out of breath and freaked out. More come from the pillars on the right, and we cut them down just the same.

These Grineer, their skin is pale and their eyes are black and brown.. HISSSS "We have to get out of here". Bullet jumping onto the pillars, I get a better view of our area, the pillars don't seem to be a part of any structure that I've ever seen. No buildings in sight, no remnants of walls, or ceilings or anything else, just pillars and their own rubble. 3/4 players waiting at destination. "Ugh, fine.. babies".

I turn toward the next room, to extraction. CRACK

".. what was that?" I turn back around to see the grineer, slowly standing back up. Wounds open, bones exposed and gasping for air.


More sounds of cracking and popping, now clearly coming from their own bones. Timer: 3.. 2.. Oh thank hell.

The lights go off, and the cracking stops. LED panels guide the way to the next room. I follow the panels and meet up with my squad. The two who charged ahead want out. They look terrified, and the other squad member looks nervous. Some DE park employees, dressed in sentient-looking armor, come into the transition room through a side passage for employees. The two scared squadmates walk over to them and tell me that they're done; the third squadmate goes to leave with them. "You too?" they ask, as they point the other tenno to the door.

"No, I'd like to go on." I reply, curious and anxious.

They both smirk. "The next squad won't be here for another few minutes."

"That's fine. I like to play solo too."

Their grins vanish. An uneasy look in their eyes tells me that I shouldn't go alone. "It's going to be harder to do without a squad, you know that right? You don't get any revives, and without a team to heal you.."

"I don't mind. Nightmare Mode, am I right?"

"..." They back toward their exit passage. "If you say so." They leave the room and shut the passage door behind them. A long moment of dead silence makes the room feel stale. "What happened back there? Grineer don't just come back like that".. I go to an armory on the other side of the room and switch my Dark Dagger for my Redeemer. "If things get hairy.." I pick up a secondary, my Azima. "I'll need all the fire power I can get".

"hahahaha! really? oh this will be fun." Rebb's voice ringing from on high. this room has a ceiling, so I'm not able to see her.

COUNT DOWN. 5.. 4.. "Oh nice, they actually have a shorter timer for solo". 3.. 2.. .. "but seriously.. what the heck" 1!

I enter the next room, crouched and quiet. This room is somehow darker than the one before. There are still pillars standing alone, but this time they seem like the outlines of walls, just without the actual walls. Square shape, like a courtyard, and what looks like it could be a hallway. CRACK "ignore it.." I carefully scan the room and notice an Orta Ayatan in the corner of the yard. I pick it up and latch it to a link on my back.

hisss... I keep my bow drawn as I crouch through the courtyard back toward the entrance. A dim lighted fog rolls down the aisle of broken pillars. "aim.." a shadow covers the fog, a silhouette emerges from under the light source. ".. fire" phew! The arrow zips out from between my fingers and the fog light is once again unobstructed. "This is definitely more ominous than the video game.. Still, they wouldn't have called that 'hard'.." Across the courtyard, the same kind of pale, sickly looking grineer limp out from the shadows behind the pillars. at least 20 of them seemingly out of nowhere.

A barrage of bullets spew from Azima, into the crowd of grineer. Their bodies fall to the ground like puppets and bloody mist shoots from their bodies. CRACK SNAP hisss... HISSSS. Bloodied corpses rise to their feet, bloody, with their skin bubbling from beneath the surface. CRACK Gasps for air and loud pops can be heard as the grineer scratch through their boiling skin. The mist thickens and becomes tinted in red. phew! An arrow pierces the chest of a grineer and pins it to a wall. phew! Another arrow shatters through a grineer's mask. SNAP The pinned grineer broke off of the wall, the arrow still stuck in it's chest.

"What.. the heck is this." Bullet jump, slash, Bullet jump, shot, Bullet jump, another barrage of bullets. CRACK! SNAP "What is wrong with these things?" I dash back toward the entrance, back against the wall. Redeemer firmly grasped as the menacing grineer monstrocities hurl their mangled bodies toward me BOOM A round shoots off, tearing a handful of them into sloppy mess across the floor. BOOM BOOM They don't seem to like being torn apart. The meat on the ground pulsates, but the hissing has been replaced with coughing and muffled screams from the few grinner that were still dragging their broken bodies toward me. BOOM "Well.. looks like that takes care of that. I hope"

Laughter is heard from the sky, surely she's enjoying herself from the spectators seat. Another arrow drawn, I walk toward the source of the fog, further down between the pillars. Everything is still dark, but there don't appear to be any enemies here. Pathways to the left, right, and foward all seem to be dead ends. Forward, a short set of stairs, to the left, a dark pillared area, like before, to the right, an area surrounded by trees, with a small threshcone on the ground. "Might as well, if more come, I know what can stop them" I pick up the threshcone, and a light shines from above the stairs. Approaching the stairs, I see the light source; the extraction screen. I go to the screen and exit the room through a black-covered door just to its side.

The two [DE] park employees enter the transition room from the same kind of passage as before. "Wow" one said "I honestly am surprised that you made it.. What made you switch out your Dark Dagger?" the other asked. "Honestly, I just forgot that I still had it equipped from my last fodder. Redeemer is my most used melee, by a long shot.. pun not indended, but I still take credit for it." The two laughed. "Well.. that saved your life. Lucky you." "So what exactly was that back there?" "heh.. little teaser for a new ingame enemy. It's to give the hardcore players a challenge if they stay multiple night cycles in the plains." "But.. that's basically all I do." "Then you'd best get acquainted."

After this, the rest of the dream was just me and some other players, going to the end of the park, where there's a raid-style water park. you have to complete objectives to open up the doors to the slide platform, another objective to turn on the water, and then you have to all hit buttons all at once in a time limit to release the log thing that you slide down in. I got to talk to Rebecca and Steve, we all did a Pendulum Narta together. I basically died because Rebecca is my favorite celebrity and I got to dance with her for a bit. A few other Nezhas and I took some pictures (because it was opening day of the park), and then we each got our own portraits taken next to our frames, like we were actual tenno.

There's a little part I skipped because it was basically just a distraction (those often happen in my dreams), but I woke up feeling excited for Eidolon. Seriously though, I would die for a chance to dance with Rebecca and all the others... but mostly Rebecca.

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