I like Kubrows and Kavats, but it seems like there is little diversity in companions, as opposed to the sentinals. The species are certainly different, but you still only have the choice between one or the other. There could be more kinds of companions to bring around, like birds, or like little aliens, and that got me thinking.

Imagine being able to have an infested themed companion! It wouldn't just be putting infested armor on your already existing pets, it would be an entirely new pet. I already have a fun idea for what it could be and how to require it.

You're in an invasion, when you hear the Phorid screaming in the distance. You dash into its lair and appear on the other side of the room with a dead Phorid lying on the ground, mangled and rotten. Wiping the bubbling blood off your sword, you head toward extraction. Another scream can be heard from the lair.

"How!? I could have sworn I equipped my one-shotter" you utter in slightly annoyed curiosity.

From the deteriorating corpse, you see a small movement. It looks like it's infested, but it's not recognizable from a distance. Primary weapon equipped, you air dash toward the body, ready for a fight. As the Phorid continues to decay, it's rib cage caves in, spewing more slime and bone onto the ground. Another scream.

Congratulations, Tenno! You're now the proud inheritor of a moral dilemma. That Phorid was pregnant. This baby Phorid will be stunted for life and will never grow any larger than a normal Charger. An adult Phorid wasn't a threat to you, so a baby would certainly not be a cause of worry. You have a choice: kill it yourself, go to extraction and leave it to die, or adopt it and give it a name.

While baby may never be as strong as its mother was, its scream may startle nearby enemies, and its spine strike is comparable to a baby shotgun. It has a passive ability that allows it to gain health from killing an enemy, and if it dies in battle, it will drop a rare resource from whatever planet you may be on.

Of course, getting a baby Phorid would be about as likely, if not a bit less, than a stalker attack.

What would you think about this idea? What about having a mini Hyena, or a baby Clem?

Bonus: Imagine if all the Syndicates sold unique fur patterns for our kavats which gave special bonuses!

I don't know what kind of bonuses they should give, but I just like the idea for the name. (they'd be syndi-cats)

Which would you prefer as a new companion?

The poll was created at 17:07 on November 7, 2016, and so far 181 people voted.

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