In comparison to many of you, I am still a noob, a fledgling, a puppy among wolves. Still, I love talking with you. When I was introduced to this game, I quickly noticed that people often cling to their choice of frames and tools. At first, I thought that Frost Prime would be my "main". I was a bit stubborn in thinking that Frost, Dread, and Redeemer was the best combination in the game, and that nothing could be better. After realizing that I haven't even unlocked half of the frames, my dedication took a staggering impact.

I hated Limbo, now I love it. I hated Loki, now I love it. I hated Trinity, now I love it. The way I play is drastically different to the way I used to, and it makes me want a new game within this game. According to the game itself, we tenno are dreamers. I think this could be taken literally. Imagine this:

Falling asleep, the tenno enters a realm of its own creation. A void, verdant ground, desert, or crystal island, the dreamer can have it all. Memories of battles fought peer into the landscape, as past foes return to fight again. How are tenno to fight in a dream? However we want.

I am Volt; I fight with great power and speed.

I have power and I intend to use it, but I can also use yours. [Energy Vampire]

With this strength, I can't be careless. I will be your death in peripheral view. [Invisibility]

The best offense is a great defense. [Snow Globe]

Even if I manage to get hurt, I can hurt you more. [Reckoning]

Could you imagine being able to chooses your warframe, and also choose your powers? I can. Of course, this would have to have its limits. You would only be able to fight against enemies that you've completed in your index, and you would only be able to select weapons and powers from frames that you have maxed at least once. To prevent this overpowered method from being way too easy, all enemies would be level 40 at minimum and the mission can be endless. This game mode could be entered using the simulacrum, or it could entered through the back room of the orbiter.

What do you think?

The poll was created at 04:15 on November 26, 2016, and so far 249 people voted.
Do you think it would be fun in Conclave?

The poll was created at 04:23 on November 26, 2016, and so far 214 people voted.

Hypothetically, if this actually managed to make it into the game, (yes, I know its unlikely)

which frames, powers and weapons would you take into this dream?

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