Before heading to bed i rechecked to see if there were any tweets from Warframe, and there was. They mentioned a URL at the end of Prime Time 23, and so I went and brought the Prime Time up and sure enough, there was a website posted there. ''. So far I see 6 grineer screens each with the same text, reading 'DECODING TRANSMISSION'. Looks to me an event is about to begin, perhaps 1 screen will per day will have its current text replaced with something else to decode giving us some insight into what this is about. Being as the contest this time for Prime Time is to pay homage to melee 1.0, I think it wouldn't be too much to assume melee 2.0 will be out momentarily, like a week or so, maybe...hmmm, 6 days? If that is the case then U13 will be the box in which melee 2.0 arrives, of that I am sure.

What do you fine folk think this event might be and what do you think the reward(s) might be? I am curious to see what the community thinks of this.

 P.S. Checked again today and there were some changes made, all screens beside the first now read 'DECRYPTION SEKWUENCE INITIATED' (Grineer don't use the letters 'Q' or 'X'). The first screen has been replaced with a short video showing a few Warframes using various weapons with text reading 'Update 13 The Sword Alone'. The ending of the short video is very similar to the teaser that was shown at the beginning of Devstream 25. Nothing groundbreaking, just a few changes worth noting.



Update 13 The Sword Alone

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