Hello Warframe players and Lone Tenno's.I created this blog as a result of my curiosity regarding the DPS difference between a Crimson Dervish Dakra Prime and Dragon Nikana (Any Stance) with the same build.

I looked at my dusty old Dakra Prime,and saw the stats,nearly as good as the Dragon Nikana,with crit being the same.I tought that with Crimson Dervish,i would achieve much higher dps than with the Dragon Nikana,but it needs testing.Il post my build here,in hope some of you Tenno's actually tried the same build and know which has higher dps.

Dakra Prime :  - I will use Crimson Dervish

Dragon Nikana :

Note that Dakra has 437,8 DMG ( Slash + Puncture + Impact ) and 345,6 Viral

Dragon Nikana has 640,6 DMG ( Slash + Puncture + Impact ) and 489,6 Viral

Which one do you think would have more DPS ?

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