So after looking in the wiki and seeing alot of blogs talking about new Warframes and how they can be different from the Fourteen we have now. So i thought of an idea and it revolves around the Stalker. So as you know there are 14 Warframes that each have individual powers and looks though only one Stalker and he (Or as i like to think of it) is the Evil version of Excaliber.

My idea is too have an evil version of each current 14 Warframe's such as an Evil version of Rhino, Frost, Nova etc. Wouldn't that be cool to see evil counterpart's of your warframe that you could fight and actually have a cool looking nemisis. What would be awesome is that they came in a Team, just like us in co-op and what would make it better is that they come to us in evil forms of the current Warframes that are in a Level. For example if there was a team of Rhino, Excalibur, Mag and Loki then The Stalker and Rhino, Mag and Loki's evil counterpart would appear with him and you would have an awesome battle :D.

And so this blog is created for creativity and what you can do reader is to post a comment about each Evil counterpart and how they could have powers that resemble their good counterparts but can be different as the Stalker does have Ash and Excalibur's powers but they are just the same but with a different energy color.

So go and unleash you inner evil >:D  

Also please stick to the topic. Appreciated :)


You can even add in your own weapons for that evil version of that Warframe or a modifed version of a current Weapon that is suited to fit for a Evil Warframes role such as the Dread, Despair and Hate looking like an Evil version of the Paris, Kunai and Reaper Prime. :3

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