'A few minutes ago the Event called Arid Fear was completed in it's final Phase. Now with the new planet named Phobos being placed into are star system along with new units being included into that map and the bosses name being a ?, I want to say WOO Congrats on the event as it took us only 2-3 days to complete :D. I would also like to ask you people who have clicked on this blog about your opinions on the new tileset, enemies, boss, design etc. 

Also i would also like to have a discussion about the new boss or perhaps a old boss. My thoughts on the new boss would be a dual battle with both Krill and Vor ('as they are both seen in the Arid Fear Victory link in the game which is underneath the alert section).  

I would even like to hear what you would expect before playing the on the new Tileset on Phobos and did you also see what you expect?. You can even talk about what could be re-maked, added or taken away to make the tileset even better all down in the Comment section. Type away and stick to the subject plz. Thx :3

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​What I thought about the new planet was that it seemed very believable as it did give of the feeling of you being in a sand filled settlement yet a few thigns could be added in my opinion to actually improve visuals of the new Tileset (Possibly could happen in Update 10, not sure though). Thing on the planet like the containers having a dirty and sand covered look makes it look as if it has been placed in the desert for a long time while collecting sand from possibly previous sandstorms or the different canyons being placed and parts of the inner-caves having broken stone pillars or parts of the floor broken open. 

They could have added more such as well placed sandstorms which blind's the player finding it hard for them to move around while also jamming their Map or parts of thr tileset having sand that slows the player down in movement speed. Although I do like the new native enemies that you fight named Scrakes that fight you and the Grinner yet even though they body block you alot. 

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​Sorry for this blog's lack of presentation as it is my first and I'm still trying to improve so yeah ._.

Desert Skate

Desert Skate when out of the Sand

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