As the title suggests I'm trying to compile a list of Warframe skills that go especially great together. So far there is only 1 combination on the list. I have very limited (only Mag at the moment) warframes for testing so feel free to comment and add suggestions to the list :D Testing is needed though so I'll need help confirming some of the combinations suggested :]


Bullet Attractor seems to be able to attract more than just bullets so here's a list of other skills that works with bullet attractor:

  • Excalibur's Radial Javelin + Mag's Bullet Attractor
​Apparently the bullet attractor can attract all of excal's javelins towards the intended target dealing huge damage to that target at the expense of an aoe. This requires that the excal be inside the bullet attractor's aoe before using radial javelin so that as many javelins are absorbed by the target as possible. Does great against bosses for beginners.
Status: Confirmed
Update: Damage per Javelin seems to be 360. Can anyone confirm this? By the way anyone knows the exact number of Javelins that are shot out?
Note: I can personally confirm this with the help of a friend. After removing Captain Vor's shield (and doing a bit of damage to his health) this combination instant killed him. Further confirmation is seen when javelins are found protruding from his lifeless body. Of course now that everyone is at such a high level it's rather obsolete already.
  • Ash's Shuriken + Mag's Bullet Attractor
​Status: Unconfirmed
  • Nyx's Psychic Bolts + Mag's Bullet Attractor
This is a good combination for a long ranged assault on a far away group of enemies. With Mag's Bullet Attractor now capable of causing explosions, cast it on an enemy near the centre of the group. Nyx then uses her bolts to kill the target, causing the attractor to explode as the enemy dies. Of course a bullet could get the job done but what's the fun in that? XD


Absorb can be boosted with a variety of skills to deal maximum damage.

Frost and Ember

A fire and ice combo of Snow Globe and Fire Blast could be deadly when multiple enemies are slowed while taking fire damage within the sphere.

Status: Confirmed

Grineer Boss Farming

This method here is more complex requiring several Warframes to work to gether. It is recommended for a goup of low level players hoping to farm high level bosses. I have first seen this method while farming Lech Kril with a squad. It requires the artifact Energy Siphon (will help greatly), Warframes Trinity , Loki and Mag .

  1. The Loki should get to an isolated platform that the boss is incapable of walking down from. The one I've seen is a ledge in the Grineer assassination map. Get to the platform by either jumping there, wall running or switch teleport with a decoy. Once safely on top, switch teleport with the boss and if done properly he* should be trapped on the platform unable to get down.
  2. Next, Trinity should cast Energy Vampire. The Energy Vampire combined with Energy Siphon should be more than enough to keep up the squad's energy consumption. Keep a reserve of energy incase Blessing is necessary. Keep up the skill throughout the battle to maintain the energy supply.
  3. At the same time Mag should use Bullet Attractor. This skill serves two purposes. It will help reduce ammo wastage and attract stray bullets to the target, also ensuring maximum energy absorption. Secondly, it rebounds all of the boss' bullet back at himself*, providing a useful support to squad members by keeping the boss' damage output at a minimum. As with Trinity, Mag should keep casting this skill throughout the battle.
  4. A fourth Warframe could be anything. An Excalibur to use Radial Javelin with the Bullet Attractor or just any Warframe using ulti on the boss. Or another Mag/Trinity could be helpful to reduce the work each Warframe has to perform.
  5. Finally, before the boss dies, switch teleport or pull him down to gain access to his drops before he dies. (*Hint* *hint* The Loki could live up to his namesake and just leave the boss there. Switch teleport with a decoy, collect the drops and disappear leaving everyone cursing and ranting in the lobby afterwards :P)

Any feedback is appreciated :D

Note: This method is now rather obsolete against Lech Kril with his new update but is still effective against most other Grineer bosses that have a lot of health.

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