• Rheosyn

    Music and Warframes

    August 14, 2013 by Rheosyn

    Just kinda curious, since I HARDLY believe that anyone keeps the ingame music alive. o_0

    So my question is:

    What do you usually listen to when playing Warframe? Music that fits to the gameplay, Music that you like listening to, or just some random playlist on Youtube?

    Would you like an own 'Warframe-Radio' ? I've seen, that several online games have an own radio, just for their games. If I remember clearly, they have one in one post-apocalyptic browsergame. The idea: Announcing alerts via Radio, simple music-stuffs if you'd like to, several channels with different music maybe. Actually, this WON'T be some sort of 'real' radio, just a semi-music stream which starts with login in.

    Furthermore, who thinks that the ingame music should be updated e…

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