• Rhionhi

    Did you install warframe before it was on steam? Do you just dislike steam and never bothered installing it, but you want the new tennogen stuff (or just the artifically inflated steam play-time to brag about)?

    How to share your warframe install between the steam and nonsteam versions of the game without reinstalling:

    Open steam

    If you previously installed steam warframe, but deleted the folder: go to steam > library > warframe > delete local files. this wont remove any of the appdata non-steam install.

    Begin steam warframe fresh download.
    Wait about a minute.
    Stop and cancel the download from steam download manager.

    Close steam completely.

    Go to C:\Steam\SteamApps\downloading  and delete folder 230410 and the matching 230410_(something).patch fil…

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  • Rhionhi

    No spoilers! Please!

    December 4, 2015 by Rhionhi

    Just throwing it out there, echoing the request on the main forums.

    Please dont spoil the amazing new quest and huge plot twist for people that have not done it yet.

    And what an amazing quest it was. It will be interesting to see where the lore debates and theorycrafting goes from here. How do those who finished it feel about it? The actions and current status of the stalker in particular are intriguing, and the references to pieces and fragments of sentients. I cant say any more without spoiling anything..

    This is intended more as a PSA/request and a poll than a full blog post, i hope it meets the content requirements to stay up.

    Comments will probably include spoilers, because humanity. Proceed with caution!

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  • Rhionhi

    The endless bow debate

    October 15, 2015 by Rhionhi

    Most long-term players are probably well aware of (possibly well sick of) the debate over Dread vs. Paris Prime, and now Rakta Cernos. After a paricularly ongoing debate i decided to do a little math on the actual performance of the four top tier bows: Rakta Cernos, Daikyu, Paris Prime and Dread.

    Rakta Cernos completely beats all other bows for damage output (including crits, headshots, bodyshots, DpS) and fire rate, plus the viral aoe effect raising damage significantly more. Dread and Paris Prime are near-matched, with Dread being measurably better vs infested or with armor-removal, and Paris winning against ferrite armor only (light grineer and heavy gunners). Daikyu falls far behind for damage, but has a massively higher status chance a…

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  • Rhionhi

    (O _  O)...

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  • Rhionhi

    This is my second article aimed at exploring the capabilities of underused equipment, in which i will be focusing a Viral status build for the Grakata and comparisons to the Soma/Soma Prime, two similar weapons. After several months experimenting with the Grakata in various missions, on paper, and applying forma, i have come to the conclusion that it is significantly better than the greatly overhyped Soma, and on par with Soma Prime, a point most users of these weapons angrily disagree with on the basis of "Soma is best gun".
    My goal here is to deliver an argument that this rather fun and underused rifle is worth trying out, and even worth some forma. it is by no means god-tier, but can come quite close, as i will explain below.

    • Possesses th…

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