Really, nobody even seems to aware of it.

I am sure all of you are aware of the rush of hastily leveled, totally useless trinities in the wake of viver/cerberus/stephano, but interestingly enough, in 10 months playing this game (and selling trinity at rank 4 because i was told she was "useless" by many people, i never once heard about trinity's arguably best trick, until i discovered it upon rebuilding her:

Energy Vampire cast .5-1 seconds before Well of Life ends effectively ONESHOTS any mob in the game (excluding ones protected by an ancient healer), regardless of level, armor or hp, at no energy cost.

This is on top of her personal 75% to 99.25%~ damage resistance, and CC resist from link/mods. she can happily stand in a fight and spam rounds of 1,3,2,4 every 4~ seconds, fully healing the team, instakilling a lv90 eximus (or whatever poor moa blocks LoS), and rendering herself basically unkillable.

So, why do so few (effectively) play the toilet-hat-bearing goddess?

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