All about Acrid, the 60k on-paper burst dps, and how it really works in-game.

Weapon Slot Secondary
Weapon Type Pistol
Trigger Type Semi-Auto
Noise Level 45.0m
Fire Rate 6.7 rounds/sec
Accuracy 100
Magazine Size 15 rounds/mag
Max Ammo 210 rounds
Normal Attacks
Elemental Type Toxin b Toxin
Polarities None
Introduced Update 8.0
I recently decided to showcase some of the lesser-known or underused, but still viable (or at least interesting) frames and weapons in the game, starting with the Acrid.
This will be a piece-by-piece breakdown of the advantages, disadvantages and particularly interesting features of several builds for this once-glorious (and overused), now forgotten (but once again very good) piece of equipment.

Key features of Acrid that these builds revolve around:

  • This is one really weird weapon, with a unique mechanic that makes calculating dps on paper dificult.
  • Every shot has a 100% Toxin status chance, on top of the chance for any other elements on the weapon.
  • Toxin proc deals 50% of your base damage+base damage increase mods (hornet strike and magnum force) one on proc, followed by 8 times over 8 seconds (24 times over 24 seconds with toxic sequence).

First build: 5-Forma [ v v v - - ] fairly standard damage-dealing mods, heat/viral

823.20 Viral / 543.31 Heat (1366.31 Total)
$ 35 + 220% = 117.60 + 180% = 329.28 / 2 = 164.64 $
14648.99 Burst DpS / 7885.98 Sustained DpS
10.72 Fire rate (1.39 Seconds fire time)
5% Extra critical damage
38.47% Status per shot
15 Magazine size
1.2 Reload
210 Total ammo
300% Status effect duration (from toxic sequence)

This assumes that the 25 seconds of damage over time can be counted as part of the actualy damage per hit, which is not very rational in some mission types. it is highly effective against bosses, very strong but unarmored/armor-stripped units, and for spray, pray and forget (or run away) playstyles.

Regardless of the mods on the weapon, the forced DoT proc is always toxin damage, and is not modified by any damage bonuses the on-hit damage received. it is still modified by armor, and armor/health percentile changes (Ferrite +25%, Flesh +50%, Fossilized -50%, Robotic -25% and always bypasses shields, even if the original damage does not.

Viral damage tied with a high proc chance means an assured viral proc, halving max HP even after the proc wears off, and effectively doubling the damage over time if the target was hit at full health, on top of doing increased damage to all grineer and humanoid corpus.

Seeker spreads out the fun over 2-4 targets in large waves, greatly increasing overall damage if more than one target is hit.


Most effective usage for this build:

  • Run multiple corrosive projection for grineer/void/raid, and use this as a fight-opening sidearm, the halved hp from viral and constant DoT add a huge chunk of damage to strong targets (lv80+ heavies, bosses ect).
  • For any corpus missions, low hp of most moas counters the resistance to toxin damage, and viral proc+poison DoT swiftly kills most crewmen variants while ignoring shields.
  • In config, binding your mouse scrollwheel up or down as a second fire button helps get rapid burst-fire out of this weapon, as do fire macros (aparently allowed by DE, or at least they have never positively banned anyone for it. Using them is a matter of personal moral standing).

Other possible builds:

  • Corrosive instead of Viral damage, substituting another dual-stat status mod (this does not lower DoT, due to how it is calculated). This will effectively strip armor and maximize damage taken from toxin, without removing the +25% damage bonus against ferrite armor.
  • Magnum Force instead of a third elemental mod. I know this sounds weird, but it increases toxin DoT significantly, while elemental mods only increase initial hit damage.
  • Gas damage build with multiple status mods, intended for high aoe damage on waves of lower-level corpus.

Feel free to theorycraft, debate, complain, praise, etcetera.

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