• Robakho

    shotgun comparaison

    February 29, 2016 by Robakho

    well hello everyone this is my first blog here so i'm not very familiar with the editing and stuff, also im not english so forgive all the eventual mistakes

    for this first blog i decided to make a little test between four shotguns (namely: boar prime, vaykor hek, sancti tigris and strun wraith) after seeing on few pages this one is op, this one sucks, top dps blah blah

    the test in itself is very simple: i went to the simulacrum, spawned two corrupted bombards and two corrupted heavy gunners; level 95 (as i am currently MR 19) one regular one eximus for each type. and i simply kill them in the least amount of time possible, i also counted the shots for ammo economy data. i repeated the operation three times for each shotgun, i didn't include …

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