well hello everyone this is my first blog here so i'm not very familiar with the editing and stuff, also im not english so forgive all the eventual mistakes

for this first blog i decided to make a little test between four shotguns (namely: boar prime, vaykor hek, sancti tigris and strun wraith) after seeing on few pages this one is op, this one sucks, top dps blah blah

the test in itself is very simple: i went to the simulacrum, spawned two corrupted bombards and two corrupted heavy gunners; level 95 (as i am currently MR 19) one regular one eximus for each type. and i simply kill them in the least amount of time possible, i also counted the shots for ammo economy data. i repeated the operation three times for each shotgun, i didn't include the kohm and phage simple because i don't have them

for the warframe builders addicts here i'm posting the builds used

boar prime vaykor hek sancti tigris strun wraith

i also used chroma with 269% power strength, this is a non-negligeable addition since i had 570% damage multiplier on the whole test (it also helped me a lot to tank all those nasty hits... chroma op)

the results were quite surprising imo:

                             shots                                         time

sancti tigris: 1st take: 9shots, all four enemies killed in 34.49seconds

               2nd         20shots                                    30.40seconds

               3rd          6shots(!!)                                  32.70s

boar prime:  1st:         47shots                                     26.66s

              2nd         43shots                                     25.50s

              3rd          56shots                                     22.60s

vaykor hek: 1st:         11shots                                     21.29s

              2nd          16shots                                    23.43s

              3rd           14shots                                    22.33s

strun wraith:1st           12shots                                     21.70s

              2nd          11shots                                     14.94s(!!!)

              3rd           14shots                                     20.99s

i used a chronometer, hit it as soon as i went down into the pit of doom. i made three attemps because of all the knockdowns, eximus variants (a leech tanks far more than an arctic for example)

what we can see here is that bigger isn't always better:

the tigris with it's very high base damage has the highest time to kill, mostly because of slash damage (i think i could've improved the time by putting less slash and more corrosive/status maybe, and i also tried my best to make use of seeking fury here)

the vaykor hek has performed pretty well as expected, because of the critical headshots and puncture base damage, 9/11 would recommend

the boar prime surprised me a lot here, time to kill are really not bad despite a terrible ammo economy, i also want to add: this is not how the boar prime should be used, i think a build with radiation/viral and seeking fury is a lot better for crowd controlling and killing small mobs

and finally the strun wraith with one of the lowest damage per shot/burst/sustained according to wf builder (values are on par with the boar prime) performs slighly better than the hek because of the status... i always knew my baby had something special

status op, don't trust the builder

i don't know if this is of any use but as an avid shotgun user i really enjoyed doing this, hope you will enjoy reading this aswell and don't hesitate to give me advice on how to make blogs better, or weapons to test i don't know, you can also try my little test with weapons i didn't try and give some results

thank you for reading <3

* quick edit

hushed invisibility loki with the same shotguns (replaced sweeping serration for shell shock on sancti tigris, excluded eximii units) thanks roypel for the idea

                               strun W            V hek             S tigris            boar P

bombard                   ~6s/6shots        ~9s/9shots     ~6s/6shots       ~4s/10shots

heavy gunner            ~5.5s/7shots     ~5.5s/7shots   ~6.5s/5shots    ~7.5s/20shots

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