• Rockbadger

    Kubrow pets?

    March 24, 2014 by Rockbadger

    I read the DarthMuffin thing, hope this lives up to standards...

    As many of you have seen and/or read, the sentinels are soon going to have to make way for a new pet... the Kubrow. The Kubrow, for those of you who don't know, are more-or-less hybrids of dogs and other animals. There will also be three different types. First, there are the wild ones, who, like the Sand Skates, are native to a planet (earth), in which they will fight Grineer and Tenno alike (I believe). Now, going from there, those aren't the only ones. The Grineer have apparently domesticated some of them, turning them into animals which are trained to attack Tenno. These Kubrow look like a combination of dog/rhino (the animal, mind you), and supposedly will be armored. Now …

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  • Rockbadger
    This blog is about the recent event, the Cicero Crisis. I need some help on what's going on from someone who's having similar problems, and/or knows what the cause is.
    I've been playing the Cicero Crisis for three or four days now, and even though I've distributed the anti-toxins and SUPPOSEDLY gotten the points, I haven't actually. I'll check my personal score, and sure enough, it's still at 35 points. Even though I've played about seven or eight missions since. If anyone knows what's going on, advice is welcome and appreciated.
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  • Rockbadger

    Oberon OP?

    December 22, 2013 by Rockbadger
    IMPORTANT EDIT!: Sorry, the title's a bit misleading! This was meant as a tip for those interested in Oberon, and at the same time I was hoping for some (intellectual) conversation about it between players. Unfortunately, this post has done just the opposite. My apologies. In any case, I meant to point this out to those who didn't know, and I thought it seemed interesting. Lastly, I'm not saying that Oberon will take the place of Trinity as #1 healer/...STRONG (for fear of using another term) warframe, just that his 3 could be exploited in some fun ways. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
    That's right, folks! Oberon, the new warframe, could possibly be one of the best and most versatile out there. When he first came out, he seemed goo…
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  • Rockbadger

    On the note of Dojos

    December 17, 2013 by Rockbadger
    When I first started building the Dojo for my clan, I was more than happy to spend resources, but I hadn't realized that you can't get them back, which is, to say the least, slightly irritating. I feel that Clan Warlords should be able to, if they or another destroys a room, take
    • A: The resources they spent on the room from the vault.
    • B: Take all the resources from the vault.
    • C: Split them amongst other members.
    Even though this could be potentially stupid, and lead to material hogging, I feel this could be better for those with inactive or insignificant dojos. After all, between the forma, orokin cells, and many other important materials, it's rather irritating to have to keep your materials invested in the dojo no matter what. I hope the Devs…
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  • Rockbadger

    About Warframe

    December 5, 2013 by Rockbadger

    Hello fellow Tenno! I recently read a post about Warframe gameplay from theGreatZamboni. As of the moment, I've played the game for a couple hundred hours, and I feel a few things may need changing. 
    First: Melees. Admittedly, this IS about as fun as mashing/holding the 'E' button gets, but at a certain point it just feels clunky. I feel that if Tenno are 'masters of the blade' then they'd probably look a bit less like they're swinging their swords for dear life (though sometimes, they are!). For example; having somebody with a fang with maxed fury makes it tough to see if the person is killing people or having a seizure. Though the system is a simple one, and effective, it still feels odd for that to be it. So I propose this: what if you …

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