Hello fellow Tenno! I recently read a post about Warframe gameplay from theGreatZamboni. As of the moment, I've played the game for a couple hundred hours, and I feel a few things may need changing. 
First: Melees. Admittedly, this IS about as fun as mashing/holding the 'E' button gets, but at a certain point it just feels clunky. I feel that if Tenno are 'masters of the blade' then they'd probably look a bit less like they're swinging their swords for dear life (though sometimes, they are!). For example; having somebody with a fang with maxed fury makes it tough to see if the person is killing people or having a seizure. Though the system is a simple one, and effective, it still feels odd for that to be it. So I propose this: what if you could switch to your melee as if it were a weapon. Furthermore, why not add (as theGreatZamboni said) different styles, leading to combos and special attacks. After all, they are, coming back to it, 'masters of the blade'.
Second: Multiple weapons. Seems weird that I'd complain about melee's first, but still. I don't mean multiple as in 'let's wield two pistols', oh no my friends, that's just scratching the surface. As I've pointed out MULTIPLE TIMES, they're masters of 'gun and blade'... so why not let them wield gun and blade at the same time? For example, it could just be that you swing your sword with right mouse, and shoot with left: or parry with the melee while shooting so you take less damage. That way, stamina could be a bit more valuable than it is as of the moment.
Third: A few things with the Dojo. Though the dojo is nice how it is, I've wondered about a few things that could make it more diverse.
Dueling Rooms: Why not allow for different templates or edits like the conclave? That way, the duel could be more inclusive and spacious. To tell the truth, dueling rooms feel kind of like a joke compared to conclaves at this point. There's no real badass ninja-ry if there's just a straight up shootout.
Obstacle Course: Same thing as Dueling Rooms. What if you could customize them? Have different courses that can test different abilities, whether templates or full on edits? It could lead to there being things from leaping from point A to point B to Leaping over chasms while walking on your fingers(?). 
Trading: I have multiple friends who constantly say to me: 'I would play, if I had ______ (<---insert item here)'. When I heard trading was coming out, I nearly had an anuerism thinking about it, but then I found that there's not much you can trade. That said, why can't you trade warframes, blueprints, and weapons? Of course, there would have to be a catch, such as 'This item's rank will reset upon being traded', or something along those lines, but the point is that it's rather frustrating to have trading without having much to trade.
Fourth: Boss Battles/Drops. It's happened to all of us. 'I just need the chassis for ______!' It sucks *** when it happens, but that's my whole problem. It seems a bit odd to me that you're killing someone, getting a warframe chassis from them, and then proceed to come back to this named character who just so happened to come back to life with a different warframe part. Not only that, but weapons too. For example: Captain Vor. He always has his prized pistol 'Seer' and his sword 'Chronus' on him, and yet, when you kill him, you get only a part or the blueprint for it. Does that seem a bit odd to anybody else?
Fifth and final one: Warframe Abilities! I love my Excalibur. I have so much Power strength, I can jump up 2 stories, easy. That being said, why is it that without energy, I'm basically the same as an Ash warframe? Energy, my dear Tenno, energy. Why is it that energy is the main thing (other than base stats) that differentiates Warframes? Now this might seem stupid, but I was wondering, what if each Warframe had special passives? It could be as simple as having Ember/Frost/Volt having a higher chance to proc Fire/...Frost/Electrical mods. After all, every single Tenno/Warframe is supposed to have their own ways of doing things.
TL;DR, Melee's seem a bit clunky, Dojo's feel very similar no matter what, Drops shouldn't happen separately (IMO), Warframes should have special passives.
I'm not saying this would be easy, nor that I would know how to do it. My only point is that I hope you look at this, ponder it, and post your feedback. I wish DE would do a few things, but who am I to criticize? The game is good, I just want it to be better. Thanks for reading, and good luck out there, Tenno.

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