I read the DarthMuffin thing, hope this lives up to standards...

As many of you have seen and/or read, the sentinels are soon going to have to make way for a new pet... the Kubrow. The Kubrow, for those of you who don't know, are more-or-less hybrids of dogs and other animals. There will also be three different types. First, there are the wild ones, who, like the Sand Skates, are native to a planet (earth), in which they will fight Grineer and Tenno alike (I believe). Now, going from there, those aren't the only ones. The Grineer have apparently domesticated some of them, turning them into animals which are trained to attack Tenno. These Kubrow look like a combination of dog/rhino (the animal, mind you), and supposedly will be armored. Now this is all fine and good, but from there, there is the third type... Tenno Kubrow. The Tenno Kubrow will also be domesticated, and will take the role of Sentinel instead. Even more so, there have been two types announced; a quick one and a slow one... they didn't expand much on it, but I would guess one is quick and meant for DPS, another is slow and meant for quick, burstesque, heavy damage. Basically Fang vs. Galantine, in a sense? Point being that there will be multiple types, that will be just as, if not more diverse than the sentinels.

Btw, a side note, since I don't want to make a whole new blog. Update 13 will mark the release of Melee 2.0, and based only on speculation, the Kubrow as well. I'm stoked, though I'd like to hear other people's opinions on this... though I just wanted to sum things up for those who didn't know about them already. Comments below!

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