IMPORTANT EDIT!: Sorry, the title's a bit misleading! This was meant as a tip for those interested in Oberon, and at the same time I was hoping for some (intellectual) conversation about it between players. Unfortunately, this post has done just the opposite. My apologies. In any case, I meant to point this out to those who didn't know, and I thought it seemed interesting. Lastly, I'm not saying that Oberon will take the place of Trinity as #1 healer/...STRONG (for fear of using another term) warframe, just that his 3 could be exploited in some fun ways. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
That's right, folks! Oberon, the new warframe, could possibly be one of the best and most versatile out there. When he first came out, he seemed good, but something caught my eye recently. I remembered reading a post from a while back in the middle of defending the generator in the Cicero Crisis, it talked about being able to use health restores to get back up by yourself. A thought then dawned on me. As I got bombarded with bullets, I proceeded to use my regeneration, and found possibly one of the most interesting things of all time: If you have the regen going, you AUTOMATICALLY GET BACK UP!!! That's right. Automatically. Whether intended or not, it's a bit powerful to say the least. Especially if you were to use a forma an energy siphon. That way, it would almost constantly be up, and boss fights would basically be as easy as the stalker used to be... :(. In any case, fellow tenno, having an Oberon is a HUGE advantage in any mission. Especially since anyone can become a bullet sponge thanks to him. If I were to suggest anything, stacking energy siphon would be AMAZING on a boss battle, because that means you can just rotate who tanks, even if you had a team of squishies.

TL;DR: Oberon's 3(Regen) allows him to automatically get up when downed. To say the least, it's a bit OP right now.

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