When I first started building the Dojo for my clan, I was more than happy to spend resources, but I hadn't realized that you can't get them back, which is, to say the least, slightly irritating. I feel that Clan Warlords should be able to, if they or another destroys a room, take
  • A: The resources they spent on the room from the vault.
  • B: Take all the resources from the vault.
  • C: Split them amongst other members.
Even though this could be potentially stupid, and lead to material hogging, I feel this could be better for those with inactive or insignificant dojos. After all, between the forma, orokin cells, and many other important materials, it's rather irritating to have to keep your materials invested in the dojo no matter what. I hope the Devs look into this and make a good solution, my personal favorite being option A. In any case, please do leave comments and thoughts on the dojo resources if you would like. Feedback is enjoyed.

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