It has come to my attention that this might be a completely terrible idea but I still want to say something to the effect of "there should be some sort of trading system". This could be done in a few ways. This could result in a great advancement, or a critical falure. It would be great to trade mods and supplies, but I think the argument might be people will get too good too fast, people could get things for nothing, or people could make more profiles and make them exceedingly powerful. Some of these are dealt with the rank put on some guns, and some items that must be paid for or aquired by logging in. From here I will say thet if this system has the slightest problem, there will be major reprocusins resulting in a lot of hard times for the makers and sincere players. I could say that trading could be done over some sort of large scale system, or suggest to keep it betwen clans, or even individual.. It could be done many ways and whatever they choose, if they do, and they don't have to, they should keep some things in mind relating to who, what, and how much is being traded. Don't get me wrong it's a great game already, but i wish i could trade something thats doing nothing, to help me, and someone else out.Suggestions would be helpful, puls concerns and consequences sould be talked out before this is posted on a forum.

Thank you for your time.

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