• Roric Costler

    Too Much Too Soon

    November 10, 2014 by Roric Costler

    In response to Fadeinlight's "Update 15: Malaise and Cure".

    "There was a moment in Devstream #39 (?) where the developers where asked if they felt that they'd made any mistakes in the past, and what they had learned (to paraphrase).  Their answer was that they regretted giving too much too soon--in other words, they probably felt that the mods that were made available were powerful enough that there was little to look forward to.  The implication was that it was better to give items and mods that were too weak, because any change would be an improvement over what the player already had--players will almost always be happy to receive that change, as opposed to a nerf.  I think that sentiment goes a long way towards explaining a lot of thingsā€¦

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