So I've been trying to grasp on why Warframe's melee gameplay feels tad bit unsatisfying and came across this concept/mechanic/technique called hit pause explanation in link below.

so I was thinking, what if Warframe have subtle hitpause instead of not at all how would the melee feel?

Clearification: The slowdown would only applies to your character model and the enemy you're hitting, not global and I don't imagine it being severe either, the slowdown should be VERY subtle.

imo a slight fraction of second slowdown to the animation only when the impact lands then goes back to normal speed would feel damn good but that's just my imagination bit like the video below, subtle slowdown yet satisfying because you feel the impact landing.

another example with MGR, more subtle but the slow down upon impact, it's there.

then you have Warframe melee

As stated in the comments, the downside of it would be enemies in Warframe can shoot while you're stuck in that slight slowdown while meleeing other target and still in combo (perhaps if the slowdown/framepause only on enemy animation upon hits would work or perhaps an animation canceling dodge).

So, other methods:

-Animation cancel/reset on enemy upon hit? (stagger) instead of accumulating for stagger frame(like ninja gaiden, dynasty warrior).

-Slight enemy model shake upon hits and perhaps more satisfying hit sound and screen shake.

and yeah.. why bother, I dunno, the melee hits for Warframe in it's current state isn't satisfying, atleast to me.

Thanks for reading and all the comments/insights and yes, I agree with most of you that this is a bad idea now lol.

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