You guys ever played grind with story based type of games? if you did then this should be easier to understand for you, since my English isn't the best but I had an Idea and wanted help on representing it or you can say looking for interpreter...

Anyway if you have played game like God Eater, it's a pretty fun game but... look at Warframe now it's pretty close to eachother in term of freeplay/mission node style, I'll explain how it'd work for Warframe...

First there need to be a online "hub" of some sort like tenno HQ or something, for lore and story purpose as well as other things, basically you'll be fighting through mission nodes, seeing events and stuff, to boss node then move onto other planet, with 2 modes, free play and story mode though I guess no one really wrote the story for this game yet, but with this system DE could work in episodic/ark story and sidestories like those event DE've been doing up until now... but it's just an idea.


I'm pretty bad at explaining so I'd need some help or someoen who get the picture to help... thanks in advance.

also Check out god eater walkthrough if you need to so you get an idea...

thanks for even checking this out, cheers.

P.S. Warframe in it's state right now is REALLY lacking in everything lore related, it's been a year I don't know what they're even doing..., aside from ... weapons and frames..I realize this kind of idea'd need a solid/finished art direction and strong/decided lore first so... -sighs-

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