Just gonna say yo, for the fellow space ninjas everywhere.

Just gonna post something about the game that I love to play "Warframe" the Space Ninja.

Well just want go to the main event.

Here's what I'm thinking about playing warframe so far :

  • Basically I love the playing style, hack and slash, but feel bit dissapointed with the game mechanical so far, like when you stealth kill enemy that close to their teammate, their teammate feel like '  dead deaf ' (except when you killing enemies too close to their teammate).
  • Falling from the height not damaging your warframe. Is ok since warframe is like robot that you control or whatever, but even the machine if falling from the height still damaged and broken, so why when we falling from the height is like nothing happened and we can continue to running like the flash (talking from the reallity point).
  • Blackout tileset. I really hate this thing when happen, can't see anything around execpt minimap and the hud, mostly happen in grineer tileset when everything is dark, well yes sometimes if too dark warframe will emit glow  light from their body part, but sometimes it not happen when in grineer tileset, i think DE need to rework for this one like giving us the button to use the lights freely.
  • Enemies Body Parts. Well yes talking about the design of enemies, I can't complain much because is really the hard job to do.But I hope DE will make rework for the Grineer faction enemies like, Lancers, Elite Lancers, Trooper, since their head is feel like hiding in their shoulders, can't see it at all when too far aiming.

Well, I hope in near future, DE will make rework for game mechanics and stuff, thanks in advance.

PS: Sorry for my bad English, I'm not native speaker.

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