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This will get ranty really quick so be prepared. if you do not want to read a totaly opinion based piece of literature if you can call it that dont continue reading.

AlIright lets get this started !


I would really like them to scrap the archwing stuff, because lets be realistic only the far minority even plays this part of content.

"but ohh noo I play archwing and im loving it " 

nice for you but you are by far in the minority. I think DE should really focus on the meat of the game and expand it instead of including some GunduDUM (Game Grups ?? no one ?? ) action. The idea behind the archwing is a good one .... in theory ...But as it is now its just another grindfest where you start over at 0 no matter how far you have come in the " base game ".

you may now say : " but warframe is all about that grind"

Yes i agree on that one but the introduction quest could have been done in a way where the player gets to choose from a set of qests that give him a choice between the Archwing and the weapons coparable to the new introduction quest or mission which was implememted.

Lets talk about the eyes of the bligh event or however it was called. How many players have been dooing mayor damage to the core per mission ? one ? two ? well i had ONE person do the mission and carry me and the other two guys who did not have fully leveld equipment for archwing through the mission. I saw ..... let me think 4 or 5 people who were really enjoying themselves playing archwing the rest just grinded for MR.The events we get are exclusive to a feature not even half of the playerbase really actively plays  ! Porviding momentarily exclusive mods which cant be accuiered later on. And lets be honset to eachother did you do the event because you enjoy archwing or because you were after the rewars or the leaderboards ? An idea would have been to divide the event into two parts where ground and Archwing players could get seperate missions which are coming together to a overall score which determined the outcome of the destruction of the hub. Would have been a good chance to get a chance to fight inside the hubs !

Archwing was a glorious attempt to create something which have truely could have been fun and if i have to be honst i was exited for archwing when it was first announced.

The the development recources commited to archwing could have gone into somehing much more needed in the current state of the game, like an actual ENDGAME. I think the path they are taking now is the right one providing more great PvE content which is what DE is best at.


yea oh boy raids yea im so fucking pumped for that BUT ... yes there is always that one but. Lets think this though together you know the current conection system which .. well ... connects the players playing a mission ? currently its some kind od peer to peer connection which means we are not playing on a stable server hut on a host based lobby. And we all know what can happen if the host decided yust before starting a T4 Sur he absolutely had to download some Hydroid hentai or some other crap. Now imagine that 2 times worse. it has to conect 8 players which can end up beeing playing all over the world and it has to collect data send it to the host and backwards .... 

ENOUGH i say let the techical part be gone !

Well ever though abbout the fact some players exist who dont really want to join some major clan to do the raids or dont want to communicate during their playtime ? I really cant identify with that mindset , because i see the social aspect of the game. The given fact that im in a quiet the dead clan makes me think in a way which might come close to somethig that somone might think.

"I dont want to look for a clan"       or      " I dont wat to schedule my time arround a game "

i can understand that but you migh have to really give it a shot to see if you like it or not. Try it once if you dont like it you can just ignore it then.

Another problem could be the boss or if we get a raid with multiple bosses. We can all agree that one shotting bosses is quit dull and does not give a sense of accomplishment to the player for beeting him. Invunarability phases is a solution but i can imagine DE got a better one.

I think we can at leat expect something the scale of Lephantis or even bigger. I dont think the will reinvent the wheel with their first try on raids but it will be a great expirience from what we saw DE produce in the past.

Loot is allways a thing when it comes to raids. what will we be rewarded with ? what tresures will it contain ?

Now that we in warframe dont have a character just the suits we can probaply expect a warframe or his/her parts to come out of it. An other option is new raid exclusive weapons or mods. maybe the primed mods can be rewarded through the raid.

One more thing is the dificulty. To whom will it be caterd to the Hard core player? the casual? or something in between? i hope we get multiple dificulty levels for the advanced player which could be unlocked eighter through beating the raid or reaching a certain mastery rank. i hope that realy high lvl players with the best equipment will get a challenge here. Not just with enemys that take more bullets to the face and 1 hit you but with intresting and challenging mechanichs which om sure DE has a lot of in their creative minds.(somehow i really want to fight a giant dragon but that migh be just me )

Still im gonna play it till i fall off my cair most likely ^^

Last words for the blog:

wow im impressed what i could think off of my head at 1 am. if it feels unstructured and incomplete I WILL WORK ON THAT ! i promise ! ^^

So that was my first blog ever so please be constructive with criticism and dont be that guy who judges based on grammatical skills what kind of person i am.I initialy planned a poll but .... turns out im to stupid to pull that of ^^.

OH wait ....One thing i really want your opinon on this matter so feel free to leave a comment 

have a nice day sincerely 


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