I've added some templates for quick adding of resources to articles in wiki. Feel free to use and edit (since it's Raw version)

Resource Code
Template:Alloy Plate {{Alloy Plate}}
Template:Circuits {{Circuits}}
Template:Control Module {{Control Module}}
Template:Ferrite {{Ferrite}}
Template:Gallium {{Gallium}}
Template:Morphics {{Morphics}}
Template:Nano Spores {{Nano Spores}}
Template:Neural Sensors {{Neural Sensors}}
Template:Neurodes {{Neurodes}}
Template:Orokin Cell {{Orokin Cell}}
Template:Plastids {{Plastids}}
Template:Polymer Bundle {{Polymer Bundle}}
Template:Rubedo {{Rubedo}}
Template:Salvage {{Salvage}}
Template:Detonite Ampule {{Detonite Ampule}}
Template:Fieldron Sample {{Fieldron Sample}}
Template:Mutagen Sample {{Mutagen Sample}}

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