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  • Senior Sherlock

    Sumōkī, pronounces Su-Mo-Key, just a slight difference from smokey.

    I would like to see a smoke based warframe added to the game, if it ever gets around to such a frame here is my ideas of stats and mods.

    Base Stats: 100 health 150 shield 80 stamina 1.1 speed 100 armour

    Design: (changing colors could work out well)

    Abilities: (rough ideas, damage/cost not included)

    Slot1: Smokey Chain, (sidename Smokey Lasso) Smokey chain is an ability that shoots a spinning ball of smoke out of your hand towards the enemy. Upon contact the smoke expands and hold enemies in place, they can still shoot/melee, for xx amount of time.

    Smokey Me, Smokey me is an ability that allows you form a smoke copy of yourself in any location. Unli…

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  • Senior Sherlock

    Rhino to the Noobs

    February 16, 2014 by Senior Sherlock

    Mod Edit: Thread closed due to excessive profanity and general negativity. 

    Rhino is a fun warframe that is essentially only viable to the noobs of warframe, since any seasoned player will immediately understand this before I take even the first stroke of my keyboard to explain why. If we compared to the starter warframe it would be the anti loki, aka only good for noobs and more advanced players will ignore it.

    First and foremost rhino only has ONE viable ability in later levels and that is his ultimate Rhino Stomp, and given almost no rhino runs duration builds we can ignore roar for anything other than boss battles. Rhino Stop provides a few good seconds of crowd control by suspending nearby enemies in the air, however the down side to th…

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  • Senior Sherlock

    I am in complete and utter love with my Vauban, like no other. Even after DE hugely nerfed his Bastille he is still one of the single most awesome warframes around.

    I often find myself longing for a useful Helmet for my dear Vauban, or at least an update to his current one. Alas I doubt we will find one that is of much use on him.

    What I Love:

    • His ability to cast twenty or more Tesla in the same spot and just destroy a tough enemy as it comes around the corner. Obviously with a Maximization for energy.
    • His ability to Bounce, I can no longer remember the amounts of times I have jumped to the ceilings by casting this ability carefully.
      • His ability to spin the cryopod, only the double ones from Void/Orokin Derelict
    • His ability to use a Bastille an…
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