I am in complete and utter love with my Vauban, like no other. Even after DE hugely nerfed his Bastille he is still one of the single most awesome warframes around.

I often find myself longing for a useful Helmet for my dear Vauban, or at least an update to his current one. Alas I doubt we will find one that is of much use on him.

What I Love:

  • His ability to cast twenty or more Tesla in the same spot and just destroy a tough enemy as it comes around the corner. Obviously with a Maximization for energy.
  • His ability to Bounce, I can no longer remember the amounts of times I have jumped to the ceilings by casting this ability carefully.
  • His ability to use a Bastille and that they stack on top of each other to pick up more and more enemies... And the fact that his bastille will use enemy bodies as a form of block making it so even excess enemies can't cross.
  • His ability cast a simple Vortex and pick up even the biggest of enemies, put them in a spinning circle, and even more so that the enemies I kill will keep their loot in the vortex making it a literal ball of goodies... I almost forgot that love picking up Corpus with and shoot my Synapse + Shred.
  • I love his ability to pick up the Stalker in his vortex and DESTROY him from afar without so much as a worry. (Be careful though, the stalker will still melee)
    • ^ but for every other boss too!

What I Hate:

  • Crap helmet, except for cosmetically of course
  • Weakness of the frame making Redirection/Vitality a near requirement outside of specific maps
  • That people underestimate his ability to be useful in survival... Sure he isn't so much at the beginning but 15+ minutes in you will count your lucky stars
  • That Tesla is so weak that it needs to be constantly stacked on top or by each other to do good damage... Would be good if the proc changed to at least 50%/100% or up the damage
  • That Bounce needs to placed tactically to bound great distances instead of just being like 12x normal jump
    • That Bounce isn't very fun to cast on teammates as it is on enemies ;0

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