Mod Edit: Thread closed due to excessive profanity and general negativity. 

Rhino is a fun warframe that is essentially only viable to the noobs of warframe, since any seasoned player will immediately understand this before I take even the first stroke of my keyboard to explain why. If we compared to the starter warframe it would be the anti loki, aka only good for noobs and more advanced players will ignore it.

First and foremost rhino only has ONE viable ability in later levels and that is his ultimate Rhino Stomp, and given almost no rhino runs duration builds we can ignore roar for anything other than boss battles. Rhino Stop provides a few good seconds of crowd control by suspending nearby enemies in the air, however the down side to this ability is that it can't be cast again while ANY enemy is suspended, essentially cutting its uses in half. The other abilities are useless.

  • Rhino's Charge ability is weak and provides no better movement potential that sliding
  • Rhino's Iron skin ability will be taken off in just a few seconds at higher levels
  • Rhino's Roar will most likely last a few seconds and will just get you killed during the cast time than help you, unless duration is your build.
  • Rhino's Stomp ability is almost uselss except for defense and REALLY sticky and crowded situations in survival/md and even his CC can be off put to another frame that is more useful.

Second is that the majority of rhino players are unable to dodge attacks properly and survive due to the overuse of Iron Skins and bad habbits formed during early game play where Iron Skin was the only way you could live past 10 minutes of Mercury Survival. I am certain that anyone on here who has made it to even 30 minutes on survival or wave 25 on defense has seen how the formerly invincible rhino is now cowering behind corners.

Third is that the best capability a rhino has is melee, since any other suicidal weapons like penta/ogris/stug will eat up iron skin and his health instantly, and this is outdone by other frames like Loki/Ash. A melee rhino has some perks to it such as not being able to get knocked down is next to a bigger enemies, or shockwave enemy, but the trade off in damage is a wopping 400% comparison makes rhino bite the dust.

No matter how you look at it a rhino will never be an end game warframe. While rhino may have some simple perks in early game play those perks go out the window when the difficulty rises a bit more and you see other frames kicking ass while you are cowering with a constant prayer that some trinity will give you invulnribility so you don't have to sit and twiddle your thumbs.

Now rhino is not a complete dud of a warframe. Rhino has one potential that no other frame currently has, and that is running through corpus based missions without ever risking a knockback... But alas is such a small benefit that is almost unnoticable really worth it, dear rhino players?

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