Sumōkī, pronounces Su-Mo-Key, just a slight difference from smokey.

I would like to see a smoke based warframe added to the game, if it ever gets around to such a frame here is my ideas of stats and mods.

Base Stats: 100 health 150 shield 80 stamina 1.1 speed 100 armour

Design: (changing colors could work out well)

Abilities: (rough ideas, damage/cost not included)

Slot1: Smokey Chain, (sidename Smokey Lasso) Smokey chain is an ability that shoots a spinning ball of smoke out of your hand towards the enemy. Upon contact the smoke expands and hold enemies in place, they can still shoot/melee, for xx amount of time.

Smokey Me, Smokey me is an ability that allows you form a smoke copy of yourself in any location. Unlike traditional users of such moves Smokey Me is made up of one hundred percent of smoke, thus rendering it invulnerable to all forms of damage. However this opens up a new possibility, Knockdown based attack will generate a with force strong enough to scatter your smoke 80% chance to immediately destroy your smokey me and 20% chance to scatter your smokey me around creating more copies of it.

Slot2: Smokey Shield, Smokey shield forms a barrier similar to volts shield, but bigger. Smokey shield is always in a spiral on the inside, moving at intense speeds, thus causing enemy bullets fire into it to have a 50% chance to ricochet and if they pass through enemy fire suffers 50% damage

Smokey Door, Smokey door is an ability with multiple affects, if targeted at a team member it will transfer the teammate to your location, if target at an enemy it will swap places, and if target at blank space it will behave like a super charged ripline

Slot3: Smokey Jail, Smokey jail is an ability that creates a circular orb of smoke that spins in a powerful spiral, the orb will block all incoming damage and due to its complete sealing affect enemies that enter, except corpus with helmets, will be placed in a state of no oxygen and have there health start to rapidly decrease. --- Smokey Cloud, Smokey cloud is an ability that forms a could of smoke in the air in front of you. The cloud will contract within itself until packed into a ball, at which point it will travel at nearly hit scan speed to where you are looking. Can modify damage like antimatter drop by firing into it, and if shot with an elemental weapon it will convert 100% of the damage done to the cloud into the element for explosion.

Slot4: Smokey Link, Smokey link will literally convert the enemies souls into smoke and link them together, above all the enemies a cloud of smoke (varies by size based on affected enemies) will appear and if you shoot that ball it does damage to all of the enemies. Smokey link will also find new links during its duration if an enemy walks under the cloud or bumps into an enemy affected but smokey link.

Smokey Burn, Smokey burn is an ability that burns the smoke you store in your body for a massive increase in everything, 200% to start with and then double each rank with affect from damage modifies, however smokey burn is a toggle ability. While on you take 10% of total health damage ever 2 seconds and 15% total shield damage every second. If you die in smokey burn you do not get the option to be picked up.

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