By this point, this point being over a year into the open Beta, everyone has the same question.

Scratch that--not everyone--a fair number of people.

Some of us are content to continue plugging away at the beautiful Beta that DE has released, while other ask the always pertinent question of: When can we expect to see a full release?

I'm not going to ask that question. I'm sure that DE has a solid plan for when they plan on launching the full game. They have put a lot of time, love, and hard work into polishing what's turning out to be a phenomenal game, and they will want to see that achieve everything they set out for in the near future (I hope).

What I do want to know is what are everyone's thoughts are Beta tester exclusives.

What do you want to get for having participated in the open Beta?

Are you hoping for new Vandal weapons? Refunded platinum? Special mods? Unique skins? What would be the ideal offering from DE to all of us dedicated players?

Feel free to share your thoughts, and if you have any grounded speculation on a full release date I'd love to hear it.

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