I love Warframe.

I’m stating this outright so that when the inevitable sh*t starts flying I can at least know to myself that I opened with that statement.

Amongst the ocean of things that I enjoy about this game there is one aspect that I find distinctly lacking. You can agree with me, you can call me crazy, or chime in with some other opinion, but surely you’ve noticed it to: the soundtrack sucks.

That is to say: there *really* isn’t a soundtrack.

Let me backtrack.

I’ve been a gamer for a long enough time that I have a wide assortment of “favourite” games. Almost every one of these, many of which span multiple genres, has an iconic soundtrack. I still get amped when I hear the original Unreal Tournament soundtrack, and that’s naming just one random title: Red Alert, Halo, Legend of Zelda (to throw down some assortment) all great games in their own right, and all with phenomenal soundtracks.

I am not going to stop playing Warframe because there isn’t much of a soundtrack. Nor am I oblivious to the fact that I can stream any manner of music/theme while playing the game, but how much more epic would this game be if it had the right soundtrack to match?

If you’re interested in posting your thoughts below I’ll pose a few questions.

1.      1.  What do you listen to while playing Warframe? Do you prefer the music free zone so that mic-chat is easier, or like me do you find space a little too silent?

2.       2. Who would you like to see produce a soundtrack for Warframe? What flavor would it be? Deep dark and moody, or adrenaline packed and fast paced?

3.       3. Am I truly alone in feeling that this game would benefit from a soundtrack? I get that DE has wisely invested their resources elsewhere, but is this something that you’d like to see included in the spit and polish of this game?

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