• All of this information is based off of update 16.4.3.

People have mentioned the grammer in the title, thank you for the heads up unfortunately I do not know how to edit the title only the text so know it is meant to be "you're". Beyond that the title is only meant to be an attention grabber not an insult or a question of your character.

Will just get straight to the point, volt's shield drastically boosts the damage of beam weapons like the amprex, the quanta or the gammacor to the point where it eclipses everything else that is in the game atm. For example, an unmodded quanta vandal can hit 20k and 50k with a crit. Add the base damage mods and the elemental mods and the damage climbs past 160k with crits, possibly more the numbers were flying at me too fast to confirm if i saw a 320k crit. 

This damage boosts come in very hand when doing long T3/T4 runs especially survival. Making use of the current camping tactic of hiding in the sewers you can place volts shield down infront of the entrance stopping all bullets for as long as the shield is up, this makes it far more useful than vauban for defense as with vauban long range enemies can still shoot and damage you, in addition the shield then provides a buff to damage eleminating the need for a nova opening up a slot in the teams composition. From my testing on long T3 runs (over an hour), i used a volt with a quanta modded for corrosive damage, a nekros for desecrate, mag with greedy pull and a loki to disarm enemies and force them to run at us, I was able to kill enemies using one point of quanta ammo or less up until 40mins, beyond that it did not take more than 2 points of ammo until past 55mins roughly. This composition may not be the best and there may be other better ones but the point is to show the effectiveness of volt in high level runs. 

A further point to add to his defense is volt's shield may not provide all round coverage like frost's, and it may not slow enemies that pass through it but it doesn't have a damage limit only a time limit so the higher the level of run the better it is than frosts.

The shield can be made use of in just about every mission there is though. I use the following mod loadout for him and have no trouble completeing everything from assasination, to rescue to def missions whilst leaving a long trail of shields behind me. This is yet to be optimised as the 8th slot is free and I have no forma on volt atm (dont see the need really). The general idea though is to build for efficiency and duration as there are the only 2 things that effect the shield.

Mobile Shield:

The mods I added for the mobile shield are as follows:

AURA: Energy siphon max

SLOT 1(DASH): Constitution max

SLOT 2: Streamline max

SLOT 3: Stretch max

SLOT 4: Continuity max

SLOT 5 (VEE): Intensify max

SLOT 6: Narrow minded rank 8

SLOT 7: Fleeting expertise rank 3

SLOT 8: empty

This mod loadout allows you to still utilise the speed boost that volt provides, with 130% power strength, as well as it lasting a while thanks to 198% duration. 

Volt is far from perfect, he is incredibly easy to kill with only 300 health at max rank and 15 armour and bombards explosive damage can pass through the shield and 1 shot you at higher levels, so can the grenades enemies through so have a loki with you to disarm them and draw enemies into your line of fire. In addition, melee enemies will just ran straight through the shield and you lose the damage bonus you get so long lines of sight are best or have a 2nd shield in place to fall back to in case enemies make it past the 1st one.

Overall, volt is a highly useful warframe providing speed boost for speed runs or escaping the void, defense with his shield's infinite health  and a damage bonus for a nieche of weapons. However, with all those benefits he comes with drawbacks requiring solid team play to get the most out of him, but it is worth it when you do get that teamplay. With the release of volt prime a couple weeks ago i was expecting to see a rise in the number of volt's as well as of people aware of the bonus he provides to beam and crit weapons but i didn't come. Hopefully when news of volts damage buff with beam weapons spreads more people will opt to have him in their void or raid 

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