I seem to be in a cycle when it comes to warframe, I start playing for a bit and find it alot of fun but after a couple of days I get bored again and go away for a few months, come back and play for a couple days and find it fun then go away again repeating the cycle and it got me thingking why is this and I came to the conclusion that it's because i feel warframe is a game where you play to farm so you can do more farming. I think that is a farily accurate description of the game since you do missions on the star map to unlock the bosses, level up weapons and farm resources, then you fight bosses so you can farm for new warframe parts, then you build your new frame and go level them up so you can go into the void or to higher level missions so you can farm for parts to make a new weapon or warframe to do the same thing with or sell for platinum, which you use to buy parts you don't want to farm to go off and build stuff you can use to farm with.

I tried out the PVP and was disappointed to find that all the weapons I spent time farming, i could only use a fraction of them, the same with the warframes and the mods for the warframes and weapons. Plus every game some one on the enemy team has the invincibility bug so just runs around dominating everyone so the game mode isn't very fun.

So i was wondering beyond the farming, what else is there to do in warframe?


I have read through alot of the comments on this topic and the community seem to all have the same ideas for me to "entertain" myself in warframe but I feel my original post didn't get across why I'm not enjoying warframe and i feel its just farming. I don't consider warframe a challenge. Warframe reminds me very much of games like World of Warcraft, in the sense that it's not really about how good you are, what's more important is how good your gear is and the combination of classes that you use. For example, if I wanted to do a long T4 defense or survival mission I wouldn't look for the most skillful players, I look for the right composition of warframes and the weapons that they have equipped. It doesn't matter if 70% of their shots are headshots or they have mastered the movement mechanics so they can run, slide, leap and slam attack the enemy in one smooth motion because a player with a powerful weapon or warframe will kill just as fast as them. 

I believe warframe lacks challenge because the main enemy is AI which are not smart, so pose no threat unless they are high level, in which case the threat they pose is only due to the amount of damage they can deal and the difficulty comes from it taking longer to kill them. No new tactics are needed to beat them, no new skills need to be developed for you to progress further you just need stronger weapons or the right composition of warframes and it's not hard to get either. The only time warframe posed a remote challenge was when nullifiers were introduced but that was short lived when powerful weapons were once again the way to solve the problem. So all that time spent in warframe doesn't make you a better player at the game, just lets you collect more things which you use to collect more things. 

I hope one day warframe adds in some smart AI and enemies that can't be beaten with just some powerful weapons but require you to use the universal mechanics of the game.

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