Sgt Kekka

aka Owner of Perplexity

  • I live in Potatoverse
  • I was born on September 30
  • My occupation is Gaining members for Perplexity
  • I am A potato
  • Sgt Kekka

    Now this idea was a collaboration of me and my friend ArrissotTheGreat. It would be like the spy mission NOW where you have to collect the data, but a WHOLE lot stealthier. That is if you want to be.

    So the premise for the idea would be that if spawn in as a regular troop for the certain faction (this cannot be done for infested but then again I don't think there are any infested spy missions to begin with) with a peice of you warframe cloaked on your body (lke part of the helmet, you'll probably understand here soon). Now you can walk around un-noticed, just like any other NPC, but you also have a knife and can stealth attack them and drag the body away, then pose as that NPC. But if you do anything suspicious you will either be put away a…

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  • Sgt Kekka

    Think about this. If you could create any Warframe, any size, shape, color etc, with any 4 abilities what would it be? Would it be a time lord? A water based? Maybe even a chocolate based frame? My little idea for one would be:

    Name: Kekka

    Base Shields: 150 Base Health: 150 Base Armor: 90 Run speed: 1.0

    First ability: Kekka throws a small disc of light at a target that explodes on impact, any enemies within the targets immediate area will also explode dealing 750 points of blast damage at max rank.

    Second Ability: Kekka Summons a armor of light, blinding all enemies within his immediate area and forming a 'second skin' made of light, colored by the Warframes energy color, onto himself, that can soak up to 1,500 points of damage at max rank.


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  • Sgt Kekka

    Im wondering what i should use for my soma, a mutation or ammo drum as the soma eats up ammo like no tomorrow. Thanks if ya can!

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  • Sgt Kekka

    I've had the strun wrait for awhile and loved it until Damage 2.0 came out and nerfed it beyond belief. I just recently got the aklex and love them but dont know a good build for it! Thanks if you can!

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